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Get Ready For A GoPro Drone

GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman confirmed that a GoPro drone was on its way in an interview with our own Matt Burns at Disrupt SF. “Development is on track for the first half of 2016. We have some differentiations that are right in the GoPro alley,” he said. Other...

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Building a drone to fight fires

MIT and Olin College researchers are working with Scientific Systems on unmanned aerial vehicles for use in fighting fires. Engineering whizzes at Olin College and MIT are working to craft a drone that would aid—as opposed to hinder—fire fighting. Professors from the...

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US project looks to develop meteorological-monitoring UAV

The Cloud-Map team, which consists of divisions from the universities of Oklahoma, Kentucky and Nebraska, is looking to create a tailored system for scientists, incorporating different elements of technology team members have previously developed into a low-cost...

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Lifeguard Drone

We humans — as, you know, land-based mammals — are not very good swimmers. Let’s check the numbers: Sailfish and marlins have been clocked at speeds of up to 70 mph. Marine mammals like the dolphin can get up to a healthy 40 mph. Olympian Michael Phelps’ fastest swim...

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Drone Racing

Hurtling at 70 mph around tight corners and narrow straightaways, jostling for position against other racers, your favorite racer closes in on the finish line. You watch him round the final turn, but he cuts it a little too tightly and crashes into a concrete wall,...

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